At Brown’s we believe in the incredible power of prayer and this web page is available to anyone who has a prayer that they would like to lift to God.
We commit to having someone in our business pray over these requests on a daily basis, but it is our much larger hope that God will use this forum to attract a community of prayer warriors that will gather here and pray frequently over every request on this page.

Click the links below to listen to Christian testimonials:

Tale of David

Tale of Jonah


4 thoughts on “God Did It

  1. I would like prayer for me and my family as we figure out what direction God is calling us to do. I feel a need to get closer to God through prayer, but struggle to take the time.
    Thank you for your prayers

  2. First of all, PTL for a business that openly proclaims christian principles. Secondly, “God Did It” several times in my life. In October ’11, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since my mother had recently died of colon cancer, my prognosis was more than devastating. However, thanks to God and modern medicine, I am cancer free. I did not even have to do chemo. Yes, God did it.

  3. Please pray from my marriage, my family, for my wife’s stomach ailments and her emotional wellbeing

    Thank you so much!!!!!!

    May God be with you all and all that you do!!

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